Consulting to give you innovative product
and service development without the constraints of traditional business processes

Paul offers consultations surrounding how to use idea generation and design led thinking as a strategic tool to improve, expand and develop businesses. He uses a process of realisation to transform ideas into solid business outcomes.




Creative thinking –
the perception of an idea

Your mind is kick-started to think laterally, without restriction. You’re able to generate ideas, get inspiration and insight, and use innovation to look at a problem in a different light.

“We’ve now got a clear, sustainable business strategy, better business skills, refined financial systems and goals, plus an annual growth of 75%.” Troy Pearse, caustic pictures.

Design thinking –
transforming the idea into
something concrete

Here your vision is identified and, through a more structured process, ideas are filtered, tested and shaped to become a functional, elegant solution.

Making stuff happen –
getting it to work in real life

This is the bit where the solution is transformed into a solid business outcome. It’s the final stage where all the dots are connected together.


The end result?

Working with Paul doesn’t mean sitting in a circle and learning how to basket weave (though he does believe deep down we all have a creative soul). It’s using a different way of thinking to develop smart, practical and tangible outcomes that will make your business more successful. Find out more by getting in touch with Paul.