Coaching to help you refresh, refocus and recharge


“Paul has tickled parts of my brain I didn’t know I had.”
Greg Hogg, McVeigh Consultants


Paul’s business coaching will help you introduce creative thinking processes into your workplace. He’ll show you how to use creative thinking to inspire innovation and ideas, and design thinking as a framework for making ideas happen. His one-on-one coaching and mentoring is designed to help you clearly understand where you are, where you really want to be, and how to get there. There’s a focus on life/work balance and challenging your thinking and assumptions to become more authentic and aware.


The power of ‘why’

Have a conversation with Paul, and you’ll quickly notice he asks the question ‘why’ ALL the time. Why does he do this? Well, think of Paul as an explorer tasked with a mission to uncover where you’re at in life (or in business), and where you want to be. He’ll challenge your existing roadmap—and ask ‘why’ to find the answers. The conversation will help you understand where you really are (honestly!) and where you really want to go.



The tools to make it happen

Paul’s a smart businessman, and he knows there’s no point arming you with knowledge if you don’t also have the tools to make it happen. He’s got a deep understanding of the practicalities of running a business, and will work with you to connect the dots. He’ll support you in stepping into that unknown creative space between where you are and where you want to be. Be prepared, it can be one hell of a ride.


Paul will help you with:


+ Presentation skills
+ Creative / strategic thinking
+ Influencing skills
+ Presentation skills
+ Understanding the mindset of creative workers
+ Motivating creative people
+ Developing creative talent
+ Delivering feedback
+ Networking skills


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