Intersection is an ongoing  facilitated workshop process by Paul Fairweather. It is about the  Creativity of Business and the Business of Creativity It starts with the idea and goes all the way through to implementation and management of your unique idea. The process takes you on a journey the the stages of;

  • Insight and Inspiration
  • Idea Generation
  • Idea Testing
  • Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Implemenation
  • Manage


"Since becoming part of Paul's intersection group my business idea has been growing in leaps and bounds, clarified by the process, gaining rigor from the feedback of the participants, all the while guided by Paul's insight and unstinting support. I now feel confident that what seemed possible is now becoming a sound business proposition." Jen Marchant 


 Intersection Popup shop coming to Southbank December, and is the first offering of Intersection 101. 

Five people, five ideas, five businesses in the making:Intersection is an offering of works by Brisbane based design practitioners Nora Kinnunen, Suzie Wiley, Jennifer Marchant, Kylie Bickle and Paul Fairweather.

More information about popup shop, click here.


Intersection 102 starting in 2013. Limited Spaces still available.

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Kylie Bickle is a Brisbane based designer whose professional practice resides comfortably in the place where art and design intersect. She now draws upon her cross-disciplinary career experience to explore the relationships between fashion, furniture and art. Kylie launched her label, Kip and Brand in 2011, with a range of unique, high quality fashion accessories, handcrafted in organically tanned kangaroo leather.  Her interest in modularity, repetition and pattern drives her to re-interpret the object’s purpose and context by manipulating scale and material.  The couture pieces, all made to order, featured in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in 2011 and 2012.


Nora Kinnunen’s cross-disciplinary design work includes the promotion of a strong and viable furniture industry for Australia. Her passion for the craft skills and traditions of her family have led her redirective practice towards sustaining endangered skills and promoting those practitioners who work in this field. The exploration of the agency of these skills within the context of sustain-ability has developed into a new family venture Son of Martin, an international design brand to resonate the traditions and storytelling of our past that can lead a language of alternative futures. 
It is through the creative forum of Intersection that Nora’s conceptual imagery is developing into multi-platform engagement with a wide audience of consumers and practitioners.


Paul Fairweather will launch Tree2house, a gift card that includes two seeds for two different types of trees. By planting these two trees today you are giving your children—or perhaps your children’s children—a very special gift for the future. One tree will be tall and strong, ideal to climb and perfect to build a tree house in. The other tree will provide the beautiful timber to build the tree house.
Be sure to plant another tree in its place when the time comes to use it. A gift for the world. A gift for future generations.



Marchi is a new business created by Jennifer Marchant to bring together a multitude of loves and interests – such as observing nature, drawing with gouache, photography, print, textiles and colour.

marchi is a vehicle to express a joy for colour, pattern and scale derived from Australian native flora. The design language is bold, large and loose where the mark of the hand is evident. The objective is to apply these unique designs to items which are felt by the body – throws, cushions, pyjamas, wraps and scarves. Things that are soft, comforting and generous.

Suzie Wiley is an architect passionate about working with people to create more meaningful space. Suzie established her company, Surroundings, in 2007 and set about designing houses, workplaces and places of play for her clients.  Every Surroundings project focuses on the individual first and becomes a unique reflection of the people it is designed for, focusing on the experiences they want to live as well as the space they want to live in. Alongside designing buildings Suzie is exploring new processes to educate and enable people within their environments to own, design, edit and grow in their own space.  Designed to engage people in a participatory way, each game, tool, object and workshop helps people discover their own unique preferences in their space.